„Wirtschaft heute“ - Live companies!

Today’s decision-maker is accustomed to seeing beyond his own horizon; accurately and regularly. He smells the panic before the crash; he sees the niche before the competition. As a modern B2B magazine „Wirtschaft heute“ (Business Today) delivers valuable information on national and international companies and strategies, thus providing new impulse for your daily business.

„Wirtschaft heute“ observes breaking news and trends as they occur at home and abroad, and reports on those sectors and companies at the heart of the latest and most dynamic developments and breakthroughs, or those sectors and companies most effected by them.

„Wirtschaft heute“ is not satisfied with press releases or regurgitated information from press agencies. We contact the companies directly, and speak to them directly. Based on intensive interviews with Directors, Managers, and Decision-Makers, our reports offer authenticity, dynamic, and a personal touch that allows you to not only get to know a company, but to truly live it.
  • Get to know interesting companies, innovative products, and successful leaders
  • Find potential business partners and customers from a diversity of branches, both at a national and international level
  • Be inspired by others and collect valuable and first-hand ideas and impulse for your own business